Design To Email offers customized Emailer Design & Development Solutions


What are the various template designing services available?

Although our prime focus remains towards designing efficient and catchy designer email templates, our professionals are also capable of creating trendy and secure website designs for clients.

Does the customer have an opportunity to revise the design and make last minute changes?

Any design process would be incomplete without any revisions or additional changes. We offer clients the opportunity to make up to 3 revisions before the final design is approved.

Are the designs hand coded or created using automated software?

As a principle, we avoid any use of automated software for designing purposes. Our designs are completely hand coded and converted to bring out the best and most authentic conversions for your templates. We try our best to meet the standards and specifications of our clients.

Are there any specific file formats that the client needs to provide?

Clients can send in files in html, PSD and any other design formats. We are capable of converting them into the desired template form. Our professionals have the skill to transform any design into the perfect web compatible interface.

Will there be any preliminary discussions about the design before its conversion?

We are a very customer friendly service. As a policy, we believe in delivering results according to our clients´ needs. You can specify the exact needs, or any changes or design improvements in a mail or through a telephonic conversation with our project manager. We would be happy to include your suggestions when making the conversion.

Would you require any upfront payments?

Yes. Upfront payments are necessary to help your project get on the drawing board immediately. This will ensure a speedy delivery and better performance. We do offer a money back guarantee, if our end results are not completely to your satisfaction.

What are the email clients that your design templates support?

Our design templates support a varied range of email clients from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Msn Hotmail, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express and all other major email clients.

Where is the company located?

We are a company located in the US. We also have branches across US and Europe. Over the years, our clientele has expanded across the world and accorded us an enviable experience in design conversion.

Can I approach your Customer Service at any time of the day?

Our customer service team is formed with capable and very knowledgeable professionals. You can approach these professionals with a simple phone call, through the mail, or through the web contact form.

What is the customer service turnaround time?

Our endeavors have been to respond to our clients´ calls at the earliest. Our customer service will return to you with a call within the 24 hours of your call in.

What are the payment options available?

We accept payments through Credit Cards and PayPal.

What we offer

  • Superior Quality Markup
  • Speedy Delivery & Impeccable Quality
  • Non - Disclosure Agreement
  • Compatibility with all major email clients
  • Exquisite, Visually Appealing Designs
  • Exceptional Customer Care Experience




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Email clients

  • Google Mail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Hot Mail
  • MSN Mail
  • Thundermail
  • Outlook
  • Constant Contact